Climater is an italian company that since 1960 offers technical, mechanical, electrical and energy solutions for a wide range of industries.

Customer Care

The experience gained over the years has shown that the proper maintenance of the systems ensures a longer life, lower power consumption and better performance of the installed equipment.
This step ensures the functionality and efficiency of the system over time: it is therefore a key factor in the credibility of customer service.
In order it has personnel dedicated to the maintenance and after-sales service to ensure proper supervision to appliances installed and which require scheduled maintenance and ordinary every 1,000 hours of work and with extraordinary frequency of intervention that vary depending on the fuel used and the type of motor installed.
Each phase of maintenance and control, and reflects the provisions required by the manufacturers of each single equipment. The maintenance schedule indicates an annual calendar on which will be provided for all work to be performed for the control and maintenance of the facilities, the frequency of intervention and planned activities.
The purpose of this proposal is to raise the customer on the extreme importance of performing a scheduled maintenance and method of the plants. Climater also has an innovative telematic system support for remote control of the plant.
The remote control allows the supervision and increasingly remote monitoring and anywhere.
With remote management are detected temperature, relative humidity, flow rate, time and financial variables; They promptly diagnose any abnormalities; They change the configuration parameters, on, off, closing, opening.
For us technical assistance means to provide a service tailored to their needs, through preventive maintenance and planned to ensure maximum performance of our products.

For information and feedback:

In detail, the company is structured to offer the following services:

  • Complete assistance during all the first start-up, adjustment and start-up of new plants built;
  • Delivery to the customer of the complete technical documentation of the system, made up of technical specifications of materials and equipment, end-As-Built drawings for all plants, according to the law of Conformity Statement, the use and maintenance of all equipment installed
  • Each customer is offered a proposal to the Ordinary Maintenance Program activities to be carried out to facilities and equipment.
  • Climater since 1960 : design, installation and maintenance of technological systems

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    Climater since 1960 : design, installation and maintenance of technological systems

  • Climater since 1960 : design, installation and maintenance of technological systems

  • Italian Company international experience

  • Energy consulting, sustainability

  • Together toward the future

  • Innovation

Trasporto sostenibile!

Monday 9 May 2022


Con il contributo FSC 2014-2020 E della Regione Lazio per un importo di € 10.000,00, Climater acquisisce un nuovo veicolo ecologico per offrire i suoi servizi in modo sostenibile e in armonia con l'ambiente! Grazie alla Regione Lazio!...

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