Climater is an italian company that since 1960 offers technical, mechanical, electrical and energy solutions for a wide range of industries.

Company - Our History


Our History

Experience has little to teach if not lived with humility.


The company came into being thanks in 1960 to the passion for mechanical engineering of its founder, Mr Rotilio Torelli with the name "Idrotermici Sanitari".

Since its beginning, the company has been active contemporary in the construction and mechanical system fields.

The company, created to satisfy the market demand in the building industry, plumbing and heating, has quickly evolved toward HVAC systems, so the company name in the first "Idrotermici conditioning", then "Termoclima LTD". Hydrothermal conditioning Termoclima LTD.

The large amount of achievements in building constructions and HVAC systems realizations, has necessitated the division of the different activities, so Climater was born specialized for technological systems.

In 1979 the CLIMATER is a reality completely independent. Climater becomes a premier player in the field of design, installation and manteinance of heating, ventilation, air conditioning, general thermal, plumbing, process piping, electrical, fire-figh8ng and remote control systems for industrial, commercial, institutional and civil applications.

CLIMATER wrote an important page in the history of air conditioning in Italy with the construction of heating for about 100,000 homes and conditioning for approximately 10,000,000 cubic meters of offices, hotels, shopping centers, hospitals, etc. CLIMATER has been operating as an Energy Service Company since 2011, developing technologically advanced solutions for energy efficiency, optimization systems and the reduction of fuel consumption and pollutant emissions.

CLIMATER follows medium- sized growth; its scope has expanded into design, installation and manteinance of renewable sources, cogeneration, energy efficiency and trigeneration system, technical consulting in energy management and realization of eco-building.

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    Climater since 1960 : design, installation and maintenance of technological systems

  • Climater since 1960 : design, installation and maintenance of technological systems

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Sanificazione impianti Decreto "Cura Italia"

Thursday 19 March 2020

HVAC Sanitization "Cura Italia" Decree

Control Measures for Covid-19

Climater offers the remediation and sanitation service of technological systems, available for the different types of systems. According to the Cura Italia Decree, for the 2020 tax period, a tax credit is recognized, equal to 50% of the costs of sanitizing the environments and work tools incurred and documented up to a maximum of 20,000 euros for each beneficiary, up to a maximum of 50 million euros for the year 2020....

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